You are going to see Havil's Year 11 Graduation.

A graduation is a special ceremony that is held at the end of every year, as it closes off Year 11's secondary school life. However, due to COVID-19, this ceremony will not be held. Therefore, this site has been made to treasure and commemorate this special occasion. We hope that you will be part of this memorable milestone.




Hello, looking back at high school, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has made this high school journey such a memorable one! I have gone through a fair share of struggles (as a usual teenager would) but I’m truly grateful to have met my group of close friends. You guys have been nothing but a blessing in disguise. Here are my classmates and with their messages to Havil before we leave high school behind us.


My advice to you all is something I hold very deeply to: It is about friendships. Give everyone a chance, don’t assume things about other people just from what you’ve heard  and don’t let this stop you from getting to know them personally. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up being your best friend one day? Anything’s possible guys :)


Well, my good friend See Wei just gave you her advice and here’s mine: I wanna tell everybody that being the best isn’t what you should seek, being better than you were previously is the goal. Because, if I’m blindly trying to chase after being the best, eventually I’m gonna burn myself out. Keep improving, everyone!


Thanks Zhi for that, I’m Hannah and Zhi’s right that we should keep improving, but don’t stress yourself out. Just work hard that you won’t have regrets when you look back, hoping you did more. After all, what’s meant for you, will wait for you. Next up, Reema!


Well, if you do feel stressed, it’s normal. For days when you are feeling super stressed, it is a sign to take a mental health day. Don't study, sleep in, enjoy your favourite things, be a little rebellious. Just remember not to do it too often. Take the time to feel proud of how far you've come and all the things you've accomplished with your efforts.


That was Rrrrreeema. Yes, we all need to feel proud but also enjoy yourselves and make your high school memories memorable as time passes very fast. Remember to study hard and always pay attention in class as well as finishing your homework, do not slack off and do not forget to have fun with each other. This is me, Baron, signing off for the last time.


I’m Sean and I have some advice on time to everyone. As you grow older, the amount of free time you have will inevitably decrease. Sure the rate is slow, but it is there. Sooner or later, when the number of responsibilities you have start to grow, you won't be able to have as much time doing whatever you want. So all I want to say is, cherish your time. Pick up a new hobby, read a book, learn a new skill you always wanted to. There is an infinite number of things you can do right now, so make sure you cherish these moments. Time is non refundable and irreplaceable. Time will pass and there is nothing you can do to stop it.


Hello, I’m Shirlene and I would like to tell everyone to go at their own pace. Why? Based on experience, trying to keep up with other people who’s pace is different from yours will not make you reach your goal faster or be on the same level as others, it will only keep you restless and breathless with no time to rest.


Yes, I agree with Shirlene! Comparing is unavoidable but comparing yourself with your friends or classmates isn’t gonna give you the motivation to work hard. Instead, make small goals and steps that you could achieve because once you have achieved all these small goals it will become a huge goal that came from the effort that you put into it and the outcome you will get will be worth it.


Thanks Zhao Yun! I’m Emily and I want to say: Remember what something will bring you before you give up on it. If you have a hard time doing something you like, don’t give up. Emotions sometimes mess us up, so be strong and think clearly before you do anything.


Hello, I’m Sara and I would like to tell you to build and develop yourself to become outspoken, don’t live as a shadow of other people. Be the master of your life, or  you will become a puppet for others to manipulate. Make the best out of today, not dwell on the past or worry about the future, because today is called a present.


Hi I’m Branden and here’s my simple advice to you. Don’t forget to play basketball every recess time because it will help you to strengthen your body and mind, preparing you to continue to study for the second half of the day. Exercising isn’t about showing other people you are better than them, exercising is for you to stay healthy. Your body needs to stay healthy so that your mind can do the work.


It looks like that’s all from us and we are:


The End.


©Havil 2020 • Year 11 Graduation.

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